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Following its release, it was discovered that inserting the pen into the Note 5's storage slot backwards could result in permanent damage to the spring mechanism, making the stylus become stuck, or damaging the sensor that detects when the S Pen is removed; all of these scenarios render the stylus unusable. Samsung was aware of this issue and stated that it had provided a warning against backward pen insertion in the Galaxy Note 5's manual, but placed more prominent warning labels on the device itself on later shipments.

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In January , it was reported that the design of the mechanism had been revised to allow the safe ejection of a pen accidentally inserted backwards, without causing damage to the sensor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Original : Android 5. Retrieved 17 November The Verge. Retrieved 1 April Android Headlines. BBC News. Retrieved 27 February Vox Media. Retrieved 11 October Then follow the steps to move on. Get a subcription then you will receive an confirmation email. Now, in order to hack Galaxy Note 10, you need to physically access the device at least once.

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Best Samsung Galaxy monitoring and tracking App.​ With Samsung Galaxy Tracking app, you can:​ Simply install the application on any android based Samsung phone you wish to monitor like Samsung Galaxy S8,Samsung Galaxy S7,Samsung Galaxy S6,Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, Samsung Galaxy S3. With the help of copy9 software you would be able to spy text, track calls, media, files etc samsung galaxy note 7 spy app check the details of browsing history.

If the device is unlocked, you can use a third-party tool to remove the lock screen on the device. From here, you can download the APK version of the tracking app.

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Once the app is installed, you have to log-in with your own account credentials. Install the app and launch. Choose to keep or remove the app icon after installation. Now, enter Galaxy Note 10 Spy App login details that you have created in step 1 and grant the needed permissions to the app to start monitoring Galaxy Note Attackers often use these to communicate with the device and give it a command. If an attacker needs your location, for example, he can request it by sending you a message with a pre-determined code.

Have you noticed some weird apps showing up out of nowhere? This could be due to malware or spyware, which can often download and install apps on your smartphone without any approval. The Google Play Store does its best to keep you secure, and does a pretty good job at it, but remember we are Android users. We can easily install 3rd-party apps and be at risk of intrusion. Some users need more freedom, and they can get it. Owning a rooted phone is certainly a plus to some of us, but you may want to think twice about buying a rooted used handset. Root users have the ability to dig into the system and modify the code.

This could make it very hard to combat spyware. Remember Avast! Mobile Security? They could install their phone tracking software straight into the system files, making their solution survive even factory data resets. Do you believe your phone has been bugged?

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The first step is always to try and manually find any suspicious files or applications. It could be disguised as something else.

Best Android apps for Chrome OS 11 hours ago. The best Android apps March 1 day ago. The best gaming tablets for 1 day ago. Google has made its own camera app for the cheapest Android phones you can buy 1 day ago. Got young kids?

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ZTE do Brasil Ltda. Zonergy is a renewables company with interests in electricity generation through solar parks in China and Pakistan and palm oil cultivation in Indonesia to produce biofuels. ZTE is a major shareholder and was instrumental in the creation of the company in but holds a minority of the shares in the entity. Company has several tie-ups with regional governments for implementation of smart city solutions.

As of , ZTE is the 4th largest mobile phone vendor. A good number of ZTE's customers are outside of China. During the s, the majority were developing country mobile network operators , but ZTE products see use in developed countries as well. ZTE began to release smartphones in the United States in The company elected to focus its efforts on low-cost products for discount and prepaid wireless carriers, including devices with premium features typically associated with high-end products, such as large high-resolution screens and fingerprint readers.

Since , taking advantage of the league's appeal in China, several U. Norwegian telecommunications giant Telenor , one of the world's largest mobile operators, banned ZTE from "participating in tenders and new business opportunities for 6 months because of an alleged breach of its code of conduct in a procurement proceeding" during a five-month time span ending in March Contract negotiations to build a broadband network for the Philippine government may have included improper activities.

In December , ZTE sold systems for eavesdropping on phone and Internet communications to the government-controlled Telecommunication Company of Iran. This system may help Iran monitor and track political dissidents. ZTE, as well as Huawei , has faced scrutiny by the U. The mixed ownership model of ZTE was described as "a firm is an SOE from the standpoint of ownership, but a POE [privately owned enterprises] from the standpoint of management", according to an article of Curtis J.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see ZTE disambiguation. Operating income.

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From any Home screen, tap the All apps icon. Tap Settings. Scroll to the 'PERSONAL' heading, then tap Location. Tap the slider to turn. Track the exact location of ZTE Blade devices with LocationOf in real-time. Simply install the LocationOf GPS Tracker application on your ZTE Blade to view A mobile phone or tablet calculates it's location by receiving radio signals from​.

Net income. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Nubia Technology. With LocationOf you can view the location of one or more mobile devices live from your desktop computer, or, within the mobile application itself. A mobile phone or tablet calculates it's location by receiving radio signals from GPS satellites in space.

If youre worried about your child or employee using the cell phone inappropriately, then Mobile Spy is just for you. Common Uses Install free software to spy on sms messages on for iphone 5c this easy program to an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry smartphone you own and have proper consent to monitor. Copy9 can spy text messages whatsapp, facebook, viber, new free android phone monitoring software remote install call spy, sms tracker, gps tracker,. These are the people who said they knew nothing about any of these things that went on.

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Free XT Hack apps for Windows top 10 free mobile phone gps hack for free Mobile phone: Keep reading for the main reasons why you should choose Mobile Spy. This program sent them all to my Gmail! We listen to our users and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing updates and outstanding aftersale support!

Copy9 can spy text messages whatsapp, facebook, viber, call spy, sms track phone app to windows 8 tracker, gps tracker,. The police were able to catch her with top 10 free mobile phone gps hack for free the messages. What is TomTom Go Mobile? Highster Mobile free download spy application iphone 4 can be easily installed using over the links or installed through Bluetooth connection or by the use of USB cable.

Here we have provided some of the best working Mobile Hack Tricks com and register there for free steps to hack any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Find out what the top spy software for cell phones are.

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Some of the features that parents top 10 free mobile phone gps hack for free can use with Highster Mobile are:. When youre ready to start monitoring your child or employees smartphone or tablet, you will be relieved to know that Mobile Spy is very easy to set up. Their safety means the world to me. Restrictions apply. Airtime sold separately. Price match not valid on mobile phones. We've set the bar high with this phone's large 5'' display so you can navigate through life e ortlessly. With 16 GB of internal memory and support for a microSDXC card up to GB, you won't hit any sort of roadblocks with this sleek and fashionable phone.

Forget the days of limited battery life the 2, mAh battery will keep you cruising all day!

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Report incorrect product info. Trending Cell Phones. Show more 6. The deal is not final and is still under review from the Trump administration, which has used the company's plight to invigorate trade talks with China.

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Even if a deal is struck and ZTE resumes operations, it is facing steep challenges due to disgruntled customers. Moreover, T-Mobile has walked away from a distribution deal worth more than a billon dollars, according to the Journal, thanks to ZTE's inability to supply it with phones and other gear. ZTE was the fourth-largest supplier of phones in the U. It's not clear if or when a deal might be fully signed and put into effect.

ZTE may have to agree to a heavy fine and sweeping management changes if it wants to resume operations. The company may also be required to bring in a wholly new management team. The company ceased major operations in May. Sources cited by Reuters indicate that final terms of the settlement are not set and may change. Despite the Trump administration's work to get ZTE back in business, some senators believe ZTE represents a security threat and deserved the punishment. They are working to keep the ban in place.

The Commerce Department has brokered a deal that will allow ZTE to resume operations as long as it agrees to pay a substantial fine, submit to American compliance officers, and wholly change is management team. The Commerce Department socked ZTE with the ban last month after it discovered the company misrepresented actions concerning a previous settlement agreement.

Some U. Sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and Reuters suggest the negotiations are close to complete, but not finalized. Under the framework of the new deal, ZTE will have to pay a penalty and largely change the makeup of its board of directors and other leadership posts. The company was banned from using components and software from the U. As a result, ZTE has largely been put out of business. The company has some 75, employees, mostly in Shenzhen, China. The talks come as President Trump's administration tries to hammer out a broader trade deal between the U. Some congressmen are not happy with Trump's stance, as the Commerce Department believes its action was a fair penalty for illegal behavior.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio blasted Trump's moves. But this is too important to be over. We will begin working on veto-proof congressional action," he argued via Twitter. Specifically, the amendment prevents the U. Other aspects of the Trump deal with China would see cuts in import tariffs for cars and car parts, and a change in the amount of U.

None of the parties involved commented on the matter, as any deal to lift the ban against ZTE has not been finalized. The amendment voted on by the house will "prevent a foreign company that is beholden to its government — and that ignores embargoes — from infiltrating the devices and networks that are now indispensable to American life," said Rep.

Dutch Ruppersberger D-Md. Rosa DeLauro D-Ct. Security, not trade, is the issue, say a handful of Senators who today pushed back against President Donald Trump's efforts to help ZTE. Department of Commerce banned American companies from supplying ZTE with parts or software for a period of seven years. ZTE precipitated the ban by bungling a settlement agreement over its illegal sale of technology to Iran and North Korea. The company ceased most operations earlier this month. Over the weekend, Trump tweeted in support of ZTE. He suggested that too many jobs were being lost in China and he wanted to help the company get back in business quickly.

Speaking Tuesday, Republican and Democratic Senators suggested that Trump's approach is not the right one. Thornberry indicated that he doesn't expect the Commerce Department will remove the ban. Trade emissaries from China and the U. OnePlus has an unusually confusing array of different "flagship" phones available right now, but the 7T is the newest mainstream model for most people. It's still quite high-end, but for a reasonable price and without some of the crazier features of the new Pro models, which most people don't need anyway. TCL has a new batch of concept phones to show off in that use flexible-display technology in interesting ways.

Two are foldables, including a unique "tri-fold" design with two different hinges allowing it to reach full tablet size when open. In the phone world, there's no shortage of Black Friday deals in the US this year. It may not seem like phones have changed much since the first iPhone came out. But there are a few key trends in recent years that change the relationship between our phones and our hands.

New antennas are going up outside apartment windows, and most of us tend to keep our phones quite close to us at all times. Samsung's second foldable phone takes a different approach: instead of folding larger, it folds smaller, much like Motorola's new razr foldable.

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It's cheap for a foldable, but still quite pricey. Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S phones for are somewhat predictable in appearance and features, and they've leaked like crazy, but there are a few surprises. There's no smaller, more affordable model like last year's S10e, nor is there a separate 5G model.

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The Google Pixel 4 gets another camera boost over the Pixel 3, not only adding an additional lens, but also offering new shooting modes. Here you can turn on "jump to camera" to allow quick access from any screen, even the lock screen.

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Swipe between photos, video, other camera modes: You can swipe from photo to video capture and to other modes in the camera viewfinder, which you might prefer to hitting the buttons. Simply swipe up or down the screen in landscape, or left and right in portrait and you'll switch from photo to video capture. Find the camera settings: These keep moving around the Pixel camera app. At the top in portrait or left in landscape you'll see a drop down arrow - swipe that down and you'll open the camera settings.

Note that these are specific to the shooting mode, so access these settings in video mode to change the video settings. There's also a settings cog in the bottom corner of these settings, where you can find more. Turn off the shutter sound: That noise is pretty annoying, right? Open the camera settings as mentioned above and tap the cog.

This goes to deeper settings menu where you can turn off the shutter sound. Turn on or off framing hints: The Pixel 4 will make suggestions about how to take a better photo. If those are getting annoying, you can turn them off. Head into the deep settings menu as above and you'll find the toggle for "framing hints". Prioritise your friends in photos: That's right, thanks to AI, the Pixel 4 can identify those you take a lot of pictures of and make sure they look the best in pictures you take.

Head into the deep settings and you'll find the option for "frequent faces" - this will ensure the people you care about get priority over some randoms. Customise your instant social sharing options: When you take a photo you can be given the option of quickly sharing that via a range of different social platforms. The easiest way to make that selection is to take a photo then tap the arrow that appears next to the preview image.

24 hidden Android settings you should know about

You can turn it off to save battery life. Unfortunately, we couldn't add that to your cart. Here you can set the phone to hide information so it can't be read by everyone by selecting "show sensitive content only when unlocked". Check your Order history before placing another order. An alert will be sent to your phone app to tracking mobile phone Pixel 4 tell whoever has it that it's being tracked. You'll be spared the pings and chirps every time you get a Like on Facebook. Open the video in the gallery and hit the edit button. Thanks God, everything works perfect. Yes but it's not in the Android app store. It happens in the blink of an eye. Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Luckily Google did not give up and came back with the Pixel 4 read. Within this is the option to enable or disable special effects.

Preserve and share depth data in photos: There's the option to share depth data that's captured by the camera, which would potentially allow editing in other apps or social platforms. Again, this option is hidden deep in the menus, but you can toggle it on. The app says it will take longer to process photos with this option on. There's no button for it, but the existing double tap to jump to 2x zoom still works - in this case it switches to the second lens.

Zoom in more: If you tap the display to focus, you'll get a zoom slider appear - and you can zoom up to 8x. Or you can pinch on the display to control zoom. Use Night Sight: Night Sight is one of the Pixel's hallmark features, in dark conditions you'll see an on-screen prompt to turn it on. Just tap it and you'll be using Night Sight. If it's not dark, you can still turn it on, just swipe through the photo modes and you'll find Night Sight.

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Again you'll get an on-screen prompt to use the mode - and then it will take about 4 minutes to get the final photo. Tap in the viewfinder to meter the scene and you'll get two sliders appear - you can then change the highlights or the shadows to get the picture you want and hit the shutter button. It's useful, for example, when there's a lot going on that the camera might focus on instead, perhaps things moving elsewhere in the frame. On the Pixel 4 when you tap to focus there's lock icon next to the highlights slider as above - tap this to lock. The option is in the settings, so swipe those open and you can have it on all the time, or on "auto" so it takes a Motion Photo when it thinks it's needed.

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Fit will use your Android phone's sensors or Wear OS by Google smartwatch's on your activity CONNECT WITH YOUR FAVORITE APPS AND DEVICES Fit can 4) Lift weights for 20 minutes per day And it let me setup widgets for tracking. While I test a lot of phones, the Pixel range has been my daily driver ever only way Google Pixel 4 Spy App allows you to track a cell phone.

Get Google Lens suggestions: This is a really clever option that will highlight certain information via the camera. Just point the camera at a phone number, name or website and a link will be offered to open Chrome, place a call or open up your Contacts with that person. You can find it in the "more" option on the camera, or you can get to it by pressing and holding in the viewfinder.

Then then flips to Lens and find things for you. Engage portrait mode: Craving that blurred background effect? Just swipe to Portrait. Then you simply have to line up your subject and take the picture. It works on both the front and back cameras. Engage beauty mode: Ok, it's not called beauty mode, it's called "face retouching". This has moved into the settings so swipe open that menu and you can choose from none, natural or smooth. Adjust the depth effect in portraits: This has been the same for a while, but you can easily edit the depth effect in portrait photos. Open the portrait you want in Google Photos - it will have a little portrait icon on the image so you know it's editable.

Then tap the edit button, then tap the edit icon again and you get the sliders to edit the image. Slide blur up or down to change the effect. Remember to save the copy you want to keep. Engage video stabilisation: Head into the settings menu and you'll find the option to turn on video stabilisation. Extract a frame from a video: Shoot a video or a Motion Photo and you get the option to extract a frame and save it as an image. Open the video in the gallery and hit the edit button. This will give you a timeline of the video which you can scan from - then hit the button to export an HDR image from that frame.

Swipe up to pop into Overview, then tap the app icon at the top and you'll find "split screen as an option". Tap this and it will move to the top of the screen. You can then scroll through Overview to find the second app, or open another app and it will take up the bottom of the screen.

ARCore supported devices

It works without an app or any real instructions, and the learning curve is easy enough to be mastered in seconds. In a practical sense, however, Motion Sense on the Pixel 4 is nowhere near superhero status. Some of those things are surely coming down the pike, but as it stands, Motion Sense is extremely limited and not very useful—a neat trick in search of a party. Still, Google deserves points for developing a system that actually works.

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Where Air Motion on the LG G8 is a finicky experience that requires more precision and patience than most people would be willing to extend, Motion Sense works the first time nearly every time. Instead of a window that takes over part or all of your screen, Assistant occupies a tiny space at the bottom of the display that will only expand to show you what you need to see. Before that happens, however, a few things will need to be cleared up.

For one, the new Assistant only works if you have gesture navigation enabled. All in all, it still needs work.

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Dark mode, on the other hand, is far more refined, with nearly every Google app and system screen supporting it. But my favorite feature is Live Caption. The same goes for the excellent new Recorder app, which will record and transcribe the words it hears. Strip away the new features, and the Pixel 4 XL trails its peer a bit on the spec sheet, with the RAM, storage, and battery all on the skimpy side:. Even Apple charges half that. Somewhat surprisingly, Google shines in its new display game.

Pixel phones have had long-standing issues with their screens, from OLED burn-in to flat colors, but the Pixel 4 is the first to get it right.

The blacks are deeper and the colors are more vibrant than the Pixel 3, and the oleophobic smudges that plagued earlier models are nowhere to be seen so far, anyway. How to deal with this difficult matter? While I test a lot of phones, the Pixel range has been my daily driver ever since it launched. With 90Hz forced on, the Pixel 4 is a gloriously smooth device. I have talked too much. We are always looking for the new technologies that can make our life run faster.

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Late night scroll-athons on Instagram might be getting easier on your eyes now that a much-anticipated feature has arrived. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said in a tweet Tuesday that dark mode is available for both iOS and Android users, though neither app appears to let users toggle the feature within the app itself.

There's no word so far on whether that option might become available. Starting today, you can use Instagram in dark mode on iOS 13 or Android After forcing it from that menu to work in everything is alright.

Even though I'd followed the video above, the Instagram toggle is greyed out, hence it's state can't be changed. Yes it is greyed out for me too.

How to get Instagram dark mode: for iPhone and Android

Open your phone's settings. Tap Apps. Scroll down and tap Instagram. You'll see the option to uninstall the app and remove Instagram from your phone. The history of photography has a new chapter. · 22 posts · k Find what's in the dark, Behind The Scenes, #withGalaxy. #GalaxyS

So I am in the process to unlock bootloader and flash the updated 9. That will most probably let me change Instagram toggle.

1. 'Beast' mode makes the Note faster

Too bad, I'm already on 9. Jongla I have Redmi Note 5 global, not pro but it shouldn"t make any difference. In your video,we see a lot of apps but Instagram. Can you confirm if particularly the instagram app toggle is changeable in your ROM version? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Are you a developer? Terms of Service.

Instagram now offers a dark mode on both Android and iOS. Turning on system-wide dark mode will enable dark mode in Instagram Instagram is removing the Following tab from its Activity feed A new security feature will help save users from phishing attacks. Further reading: Instagram.

Instagram dark mode on Android - how to find out if your phone is compatible

Tech News in Hindi. More Technology News in Hindi. Latest Videos. So I am in the process to unlock bootloader and flash the updated 9. That will most probably let me change Instagram toggle. Too bad, I'm already on 9. Jongla I have Redmi Note 5 global, not pro but it shouldn"t make any difference. In your video,we see a lot of apps but Instagram.

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Can you confirm if particularly the instagram app toggle is changeable in your ROM version? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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